Instruments of torture

As it’s summer and were’re at peace with the world (personally speaking and despite the economic and political mayhem) today’s post is merely few thoughts on a couple of things that come to mind.  One of the joys of being of a certain age and having time on one’s hands is that one can turn those hands to things new, or nearly new in my case.  Sitting around a couple of weeks ago, I was cursing the fact that my fingernails really needed cutting; they grow like weeds you see and it’s a chore that is, well, just a chore.

A thing of beauty (in the right hands)

However, it started a chain of thought that went like this; I used to have long nails on my right hand when I played classical guitar.  I still have a guitar in the loft (though it’s probably ruined by mice or damp by now). Hhhmmm, wonder if I could learn to play again, then I only need cut the nails on my left hand.

So, up in the loft I went and with surprising ease located said guitar (still in it’s case) and with guitar tutors and all.  Once back in my den, I found the guitar was in amazing shape although way out of tune.  Why not? I thought, you have the time.  So before the feeling wore off, I had located a guitar teacher Chris Marks  (just near me) who clearly understood the classical guitar (if you go to his web site you can listen to some mp3 files).  So, two weeks in, the fingertips on my left hand hurt like hell but it’s slowly coming back.  I’m almost a complete novice once more (not having played for over 40 years) but it’s great to learn.

Speechless at this!

Having been getting progressively deafer for 20 years now I have supported the Royal National Institute for the deaf (RNID).  I can still hear the guitar with the aid of the finest aids that money can buy but this left me (to resort to a still intact function) speechless.  The above is the result of the old RNID re-branding itself.  Now I have seen some real howlers in the field of corporate re-branding exercises but nothing quite like this!

While I get back to my guitar practicing (I have my sights set on a particular lute suite by Bach), tell, me; have you ever seen anything quite like this!???



2 responses to “Instruments of torture

  1. I can relate to eht train of thought leading t a new(old) joy. I’ll visit again to see what else has come to mind. Thanks for the great post.

  2. Thanks, DeAnn
    I also trying to write more so your blog is going to be invaluable 😉

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